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Paintings from the Last Gallery ⅋ Studio

Temple Bar Gallery Dublin
21st July - 10th September 2022

In this exhibition titled PAINTINGS From The LAST GALLERY STUDIO at Temple Bar Gallery Dublin, during summer 2022, Ramon Kassam indulged an appetite for painterly fantasy, dreaming up a contemporary Irish painting folklore that connected reality with a fictional analogous universe.


Kassam imagined paintings originating from the site of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in an alternative present-time, where it is no longer in use and is approaching dereliction. Rather than pondering on this motif as something melancholic or pessimistic, Kassam’s intent was to romantically honour and celebrate painting and the physical spaces that facilitate and activate it. He is interested in visualising what kinds of paintings would be made or shown in such a place, and this was accomplished through playful canvases, architectural and digital intervention and a refined approach to presentation.

Photography by Kate-Bowe O’Brien

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